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 INTERTRADE LATINAMERICA is a company with more than 20 years of international experience in the commercialization of forest products (export and import). . It is located in the south of Brazil, where the main plantations and industries of the forest sector of the country are located. It is formed by polyglot professionals, specialists in wood and / or foreign trade, with experience in markets Latin American, European, and Caribbean Islands. The company also has an office in the north of Argentina. Represents several manufacturers of Phenolic Tertiary of PINO and EUCALIPTO (triplay / triplex / structural) Doors, Hardboard (Chapadur, Nordex), MDF, Fenolico Film, and other forest products 

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Be a leading company, with recognition, responsibility and reliability, always looking to the future.

Provide quality products, meeting the needs of our customers, with the best prices available in the market.

Responsibility, ethics, dedication, reliability, transparency.